Homes of Hope

Come and build a home for a family in need

Homes of Hope aims to provide decent housing to families who are in need and that their conditions make it impossible for them to live in a comfortable and above all dignified place as human beings.

 In 2 or three days you will be able to build a house and more than that hope for a better future. 


Homes of Hope directly affects 5 aspects of the family:

  1. Economic: A debt-free home helps leverage families out of poverty. Conquering the perceived impossibility of owning a home gives a family confidence for victories in other areas of life and hope for a better future. 
  2. Educational: A stable home environment encourages learning and promotes academic success. A home with a cement floor improves cognitive development. 
  3. Health: Preventative health care and medical treatment are improved. A house with a cement floor, as opposed to a dirt floor, leads to a 78% reduction in parasitic infestations, 49% reduction in diarrhea and 81% reduction in anemia. Disease, injury and physical ailments from exposure are significantly lessened. 
  4. Transformational: A home provides a safe and welcoming environment for families to invite others in and demonstrate hospitality to their community. Families are able to function and relate in a healthy manner without the prolonged and persistent traumatic experiences associated with homelessness. 
  5. Spiritual:  The gift of a home is a practical demonstration of God’s love for a family. Families who receive a home are inspired to respond by giving back to others in need, leading to transformed communities.



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