About YWAM Puerto Viejo

About YWAM Puerto Viejo

“On May 29, 2010, we arrived for the first time together in the Caribbean side of Costa Rican  to a place called Puerto Viejo of Talamanca. That day while we were in a restaurant having lunch, a couple entered the same place, listening to their accents we recognized that this couple was from Spain, so at that moment we felt the word of God for our lives and for that place: “Puerto Viejo is a gateway to reach the nations.” We believe that this was the word of God for us right then and there. and from that day we said yes to God for his plans for that region of the country.

 After that moment they were 7 years in different processes and recruiting people who had a call to this region. Finally in October of 2017, we officially inaugurated YWAM Puerto Viejo. God has blessed us with a property in this area of the Caribbean and with a team, and our call is, as we explained earlier, to be a gateway to reach the nations.

But how? Well, Puerto Viejo is a town whose focus is tourism. Its nature (mountains, beaches, national parks, indigenous reservations, etc.) make this a striking place for people from different nations, to whom, through different ministries, we want to take the Gospel and have the opportunity to disciple.

We want to be a tool of transformation for this community through the Word of God and we would like to invite you to be part of that with us too “

Johan & Elsi, YWAM Puerto Viejo’s leaders.

PV Team


Transform the nations through the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ influencing the spheres of society.  


To be a gateway for the nations, reaching, discipling and equipping people through the gospel.

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